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SOMA has been established to provide certification and continual professional development for operators, contractors and organisations involved with the application of organic materials to land.

The scheme has been designed to create a base level of competency amongst operators, to understand the key variables that occur on a day to day basis in the action of applying materials to land. It is these variables which from one day to the next can change a good spreading day into a bad spreading day, and pose a great deal of risk to the surrounding environment.

Who is SOMA relevant to?

SOMA is CPD accreditation targeted specifically at contractors and operators involved in the spreading of organic waste materials to land. An individual holds the SOMA accreditation – a company itself cannot be assured but can advertise as using assured staff to apply waste.

How can Fieldfare help you get assured?

Individuals who seek SOMA accreditation will need to take the two-day “Landspreading for Operators” training course.  The course will be available to book as an individual at venues across the UK or can be provided in-house if there are suitable numbers working for an organisation. There will be a short assessment following the training to reinforce competence.

Operators will be expected to take refresher courses periodically.

Course Information

Content of the training includes:

  • The use of waste derived materials for agronomic benefit
  • Regulations relating to the application of waste to land
  • Health and Safety
  • Application techniques and equipment


The SOMA scheme has a yearly membership fee.

Contact Details

Email SOMA  (

Check upcoming training dates in our diary or contact the Fieldfare office to discuss in-house training requirements.

For more information visit the SOMA web page here