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Nutrient Management Planning

harrowCourse Outline

Nutrient Management Planning training comprises: Crop Nitrogen Efficiency, Phosphorus, Precision Farming, Organic Manures, Environmental Regs (NVZ, WFD) & Code of Good Agric Practice, and the Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme. It also includes an introduction to the Grass Nitrogen Recommendations in the RB209 Fertiliser Manual.

Note: NMP is no longer a core requirement for current FACTS Qualified Advisers (you previously needed to take NMP within two years of passing FACTS to remain qualified).  This system has been replaced with a yearly FQA online assessment administered through BASIS (from 1st June 2018).

What is involved?

It comprises 2 days tuition.

Course Costs

This course costs £430 + VAT per person

How do I book?

You can book by selecting the date and venue of your choice on the Fieldfare Course Diary or by emailing